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How to Light Up Your Office or Store With Neon Signs

by Hoi U Ho on Nov 27, 2021

How to Light Up Your Office or Store With Neon Signs

As a business owner, you should always be looking for ways to attract new customers to your business. Neon signs are one of the top ways to catch the attention of passers-by, and they offer a fun and exciting addition to any space. Keep reading as we discover some of the best ways to use light up signs to increase footfall into your store or office this year.


Use Neon Signs UK as Wall Art

Our large neon signs are perfect for filling up that awkward empty space in an office or store. Instead of having a blank wall that makes your space feel more sterile, choose to add a large neon sign like this Happily Ever After one. It adds a modern touch to any store or home, and there are many different designs and options to fit the aesthetic you are going for. You can find ones with a more neutral colour scheme or opt for something bold and bright for a more contemporary look.


Attract Attention from Passers-by

One of the hardest parts about owning a business or store is getting customers to stop by in the first place. Instead of just creating another standard window display, brighten things up with a custom sign. You’ll find dozens of options on our site, all of which will work for different types of business. An ice cream store would look great with this Ice Cream Neon Sign, whereas this huge bowl of Ramen Noodles would be ideal for a restaurant. It’s all about finding an option that reflects the personality and offerings of your brand and attracts customers at any time of the day or night to your store.

Enhance the Atmosphere of Your Office

After the challenges of the past year, many companies are finding that their employees would rather remain at home than return to the office. When you start to add more decorations and fun signs from our neon UK store, you’ll find that the office becomes somewhere they enjoy spending more time. No one wants to work in a sterile building, but you’ll find that with just a few extra pieces on the walls, it becomes a more exciting space to work in. Instead of daydreaming and staring at blank walls all day long, your employees will find their creativity increases thanks to fun signs like this Smiley Face.

Add Neon Signs for Special Occasions

While you’ll probably want to keep our fun neon signs up all year round, they are a great way to transform your space for a party or gathering. Even the plainest of offices will look and feel completely different with a few fun signs, and you can add ones that are themed to the event you are hosting. The mood of your space will be so different once you dim the lights and let your neon signs be the centre of attention. It’s a fun way to set the atmosphere for a cocktail party or staff gathering, and it will offer a more memorable evening than just your typical business event.

Inject Colour Into Your Space

One of the most common complaints we hear from employees about their office space is that the colour scheme is dull and dreary. We highly recommend choosing bright and bold neon signs, which will inject a splash of colour into your office space. Your employees will truly thank you for boosting the amount of light in the room, which will help their mood and focus. This bold Ice Cream design is a great example of a multi-coloured light that will really help your employees to enjoy their time in the office.

Are you ready to add neon signs to your office or store? The good news is that there are dozens of options on offer in our online store. You’ll find something to fit any type of business, so regardless of what type of company you operate, there’s an option to fit your needs. All of our light up signs are handmade and of the highest quality LED neon flex, and they are designed to enhance the mood of any space in your office or home. We pride ourselves on offering contemporary neon signs which are affordable for companies and individuals across the country. We’ll deliver your neon signs directly to your door, so all you’ll have to do is place them in the space that’s best for your office. Check out our full selection of neon signs today to start upgrading your office or store this year.

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