Who are we

EAD St. began in 2021, we are an online lifestyle, creativity destination. We carefully source and design Neon and Lighting products, accessories, gifts, etc. for customers. 

All of our light up signs are handmade and of the highest quality, and they are designed to enhance the mood of any space in your office or home. We pride ourselves on offering contemporary neon signs which are affordable for companies and individuals across the country.

The products we sell are authentic and original editions from the authorized manufacturers. 

Core Value

We want to offer you a memorable event, brighten your shop up, and improve your mood.

EAD ST. strives to give you a product you can't wait to show off and could reflect the bright personalities of our customers.

We believe neon signs are one of the top ways to offer a fun and exciting addition to any space. It adds a modern touch to any store or home, and there are many different designs and options to fit the aesthetic you are going for. 

Corporate Information

The website, ead-street.com is operated by Mega Up Ltd. The company based in the London, United kingdom and targeting UK customer.  Mega Up sees online retail is the future and is a more Earth-Friendly solution.

Contact us:

Email: support@ead-street.com

Business WhatsApp: +44 7366 245070

Company: Mega Up Ltd

CRN: 13468628